SSRS Notes

Display All Values on a Graph’s Axis

Set Interval in Axis Options section to 1. Auto is normally too sparse for my liking on date axes.  Setting an Interval expression disables auto-settings although the layout will still be adjusted automatically (staggered horizontal, level horizontal, rotated).

Expression for auto-adjusting axis Interval.  This example is for a date axis and uses the report parameters to establish the number of dates to be shown.  Assuming no more than 30 values should be shown on the axis.

= Ceiling(DateDiff(DateInterval.Day, Parameters!StartDate.Value, Parameters!EndDate.Value) / 30)

Conditional Formatting of Graph Lines

For example, to make today’s line stand out against previous days’:


Use these expressions


= IIF(Fields!IsTodayFlag.Value = 1, “0.15cm”, “0.05cm”)

Although the default is expressed as “1pt” it seems necessary to use another unit such as cm.

Line Style

= IIF(Fields!IsTodayFlag.Value = 1, “Solid”, “Dotted”)

Fill Color

= IIF(Fields!IsTodayFlag.Value = 1, “DarkBlue”, “Automatic”)

A side effect of this is that the graph lines will become invisible in design view.  Additionally this warning is generated:

Warning 1 [rsInvalidColor] The value of the Color property for the chart ‘Chart1’ is “Automatic”, which is not a valid

Custom User Roles

  • Browser with Subscriptions    “Everything that a browser can do plus subscribe.”
    • View reports, View resources, View folders, Manage individual subscriptions, Manage all subscriptions.
  • View Reports  Use this to grant users ability to view (not browse to) reports.  Use for linked reports that refrence subreports in restricted foldrs.

Disable Actions for Export

Disable click-throughs when reports are rendered for transmission to third parties.

For the Go To Report action, specify this expression for the report name:

=IIF(Globals!RenderFormat.IsInteractive = true, “../OtherProject/ReportName”, false)

Also use expressions to change format to blue, underlined and add tooltip:

=IIF(Globals!RenderFormat.IsInteractive, “Underline”, “Default”)

IsInteractive includes HTML presentation, so that might include the MHTML version that can be included in the body of an email.

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