Powershell Commands for SQL Server


The SQLPS utility is being replaced by the sqlps module:

Import-Module "sqlps" -DisableNameChecking

To run this interactively against a remote server, enter a remoting session:

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName HOST-NAME -Credential DOMAIN\user

Add a User to a SSAS Role

This solves the problem of adding a domain user to a SSAS database role from a different domain which cannot be done from the SSAS project or via SSMS (XMLA) from outside the domain since these methods attempt to resolve credentials locally.

Import-Module "sqlps" -DisableNameChecking
cd sqlas
cd "database name"
Add-RoleMember -Database "Telecoms Sales" -RoleName "ReportingServices" -M
emberName "DOMAIN\UserName"

(It looks like the SSRS default execution account can’t be used implicitly as with sql datasources)

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