Interpreting data in ReportServer database

Observations from SSRS 2008 R2


table dbo.Subscriptions.


There’s no way to disable a subscription from SSRS UI though articles suggest setting InactiveFlags to 1 will achieve this.

  • 0 : schedule is active.
  • 8 : “One or more report parameters have an invalid parameter value.” (text displaed in subscription editor)
  • 16 : “An unkown parameter was found.” (text displayed in subscription editor).  i.e. a parameter name was set that no longer exists in the report specification.


table dbo.Schedule

Column Description
 DaysOfWeek  Bitmap.
Sun = 1 … Sat = 64
All days = 127
 WeeksInterval  1 for Daily
 Month Bitmap for months
 MonthlyWeek  nth week of month
or Null
 Recurrence Type 1 : Once
2 : Hourly
3 : [not yet achieved]
4 : Day / Week
6 : Month

Re-triggering Scheduled Reports

This is the code that appears in the report-initiating Job.

EXEC ReportServer.dbo.AddEvent@EventType=‘TimedSubscription’,@EventData=‘<SubscriptionID>’

Values for EventType:

  • Timed Subscription : individually scheduled subscription for  a single report.
  • SharedSchedule : this job triggers a shared schedule.

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